Christian Democrats in the United States

One Nation - Indivisible

Democrats and Republicans evenly split the country. Which of us are the "real" Americans? The silent majority do not participate because they are good people beyond the temptation of political power, while "political leaders" and party principles are corrupt. We are prisoners of forces that hate democracy and freedom. "Right" and "left" are false directions to keep us from uniting for our common progress and the good of the Earth. Two polarized parties corrupt the balance of power of the 12th amendment, intended to empower the Senate to force people of diverse opinion to work out our differences and remain open to new thinking. We have been tricked into war and economic suicide.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933. Democratic President.

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961. Republican President, WWII General.

Dis-unionist rabble rousers, witch hunters and book burners call for "revolution," but they are only commonplace traitors - like the mercenaries of King George III. They want a minority to start violence, so their wealthy masters can seize power when the law responds in force with majority approval. They want to shed your blood to sell their guns, to bait us into violence. The only kind of revolution a democracy can have is one toward non-democracy. People who say "king" mean "dictator." The USA is not "Gondor," but everyone has to pitch in to figure things out. We can choose to be a better democracy.

We can take care of each other, and free the world, and make it relatively safe, and also prosper. These goals are not exclusive as we have been led to believe. Our United States face some tough times, but you only need to do three things to get us out of it:

  1. Educate yourself. Don't trust the pundits on either engineered "side." The U.S. Constitution is a good start. Did you know the Electors vote for President and Vice-President separately? So, any eligible citizen can run for Vice-President independently. Why are the People bound by parties to elect them together?
  2. Clearly communicate your ideas and opinions by getting involved in politics. Fix real problems for real people instead of getting caught up in unresolvable arguments. Then they will help you. Then politics might actually help somebody.
  3. Keep an open mind and listen to others, weighing their opinions against your own with logic. Don't let shame keep you from finding truth. Change your mind when you're wrong. Lost sheep are usually welcomed back.

Think for yourself, and don't panic. This is not the end of the world, but we're not out of the woods yet. We are all in this together, and God loves us all.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Current policy exists to fund oil and weapons interests, to run the United States into bankruptcy, and to sell our children into debt and tax slavery.

Big defense is "big government."

War in Afghanistan and Iraq has killed more innocent people than 9/11, and vengeance is not justice.

Saudi-born terrorists and their puppeteers who conspired on 9/11 had to have known Afghanistan, and probably Iraq, would be invaded. Why did they want that? U.S. leaders in the 1990's and 2000's bought a bill of goods, sacrificing the future of America to cash out, and kept their mouths shut when they should have shouted out loud.

Our anger over 9/11 was manipulated by many national and global players. We must courageously ask who stands to gain the most by eliminating the uncooperative regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

We are borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia to serve their interests on the Silk Pipeline, not our own, and these wars-on-credit are bankrupting the United States while making private corporations and foreign countries rich.

The free-fall speed of the WTC collapse and appearance of controlled demolition needs further investigation, but even if there was a broader conspiracy, that does not mean it was an "inside job" or that President Bush "pulled the trigger." So-called "truther" conclusions to that effect are propaganda, trying to make our faith in our democracy the real casualty of 9/11.

Nuclear weapons must be abolished world-wide. Use of nuclear weapons in any scenario cannot be contained and would be insanity. Mutual assured destruction has no deterrent effect against non-state actors.

War is the easy option offered by the Deceiver, but in practice it does not accomplish stated goals, does not pay, subverts the principles being fought for and opens a pandora's box of death and mayhem.

War against slavery and genocide would gain the U.S. many more allies than war for oil. Stopping slavery and genocide should be our top foreign policy goals, but waging war to accomplish these goals often corrupts the intended aims of civilized people.

Patriots in our military must reject their programming, become human beings again, organize, and refuse to fight, because our soldiers are dying and killing in vain for a misguided cause. Collateral death and outright murder exist and will not go away until we all stop fighting. It should be obvious that we should all stop fighting.

Lying to Congress to justify an illegitimate war is tantamount to treason.

U.S. intelligence agencies must stop lying in service of failed policies and secret atrocities and fulfill their mission of bringing facts and truth to the American People.

Congress and the Court define what is legal, not the President or anyone he commands. No amount of law scripted by Congress or the Court can justify turning a mind inside-out with pain and death. "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." -J. We may lose some emergencies, and friends, but we would keep our souls and the end game would be won by all. It is easier to examine lies by human contact if we do not torture or bomb any subject's family, friends or fellow citizens. Peace might be easier than we think.

The Second Amendment requires gun owners to heed the call to serve a well-regulated militia. Those who did not were servants of the Empire from whom we broke away. So, all gun owners should choose an approved training program and be subject to draft by the National Guard or local law enforcement.

No use of violence is legitimate. The assumption of a state "monopoly on violence" means that peace will never be possible. The death penalty is a part of that contradiction. Instead, the state's primary security purpose should be to negate violence. Certainly, there are many ways to participate in our government that promote the resolution of anger before violence, and that's one reason why America is great.

Religion, rituals and preachers that make themselves the objects of worship are often dangerous.

Church and state must remain separate to ensure freedom to express individual religious beliefs. God needs neither church nor state-- people do.

"Religious Right" is deep hypocrisy constructed to defend big business and murder of innocents in war by blind support of military policy in the name of enlisted troops, to divide us toward false precepts on one hand and atheism on the other, and to push us into fascism or civil war.

Power needed to punish abortion is an excuse for fascism. Abortion kills, because there is no clear line, and is always the wrong choice, but human law that could invade that degree of privacy would be unjust. The legal line should be reconsidered, but abortion can be only be stopped by healthcare, education and jobs, by enabling life as the easier choice, instead of leaving single moms helpless and alone. Only common respect for life can stop abortion. Invasively powerful government would not respect life.

Social Security is only secure if kept safe from volatile market investments.

Preventative healthcare for all will reduce healthcare costs.

Child abuse and sexual slavery are the shame America tries to hide from itself, and with poverty and war cause our problems with drugs, suicide and violence. Silence = death.

The government of the United States has a problem with a systemic culture of denial and apathy, but we are dealing with it, because God is with us, and most of us are good people.

Party electoral slates subvert the letter of the Constitution and the Founders' intent for electors to vote for President and Vice President separately, and intent for the Vice President to be an agent of the Senate, not of the President. The Electoral College is not the problem. State laws forcing party tickets are the problem, and can be repealed without amending the Constitution.

Representation by lottery and/or direct democracy are necessary to represent the People for their consent to taxation.

Oil, engineered chemicals, tobacco and meat are the main causes of cancer and pollution. Curing our addictions is necessary to cure these ills.

Rational drug and immigration policy will take money away from dangerous criminals and enable law enforcement to focus on self-destructive, socially disruptive and toxic drugs.

Global warming is real and our fault, and can be reversed. Polar melt serves industrial, oil and shipping interests and only the will of the People can counter those pressures.

Higher-tech farming can produce food, fuel and products locally, in balance with nature and without cruelty to livestock, and can regain an export surplus.

Sunday-school propaganda against evolution and geologic evidence ignore biblical accounts of God's sense of time, and divide us from the splendor of God's creation and the gift of our intellect.

Art cannot harm God, and censoring is an excuse to restrict religious freedom. To prevent idol worship, everyone must be free to turn away from idols. These idols can be physical objects or intellectual tradition. Recognition of art - abstract representation in human-crafted objects and thought, without worship and without judgment of value - is the way to be free of sybolic imprisonment of the mind, and at the same time free to use symbols to communicate. To free the Word, words must be free.

Science can create free energy, reverse global warming, end poverty and disease on Earth and bring life to Mars, our new Earth. We should not spend now on risky projects seeking esoteric particles and new weapons exploring energies of which we have no theoretical understanding, or on animal torture seeking a material base of the mind.

Cheap, safe, clean, domestic energy is possible if we rebel against oil and focus on biofuels, renewable energy and plasma fusion.

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